Flip Cup: The Team-Based Drinking Game

flip cup drinking game

Flip Cup: The Team-Based Drinking Game That Flips the Party Upside Down

Flip Cup, also known as Flippy Cup, is a team-based drinking game that combines speed, skill, and teamwork, making it a favorite at parties, tailgates, and social gatherings. This exhilarating game is not only about drinking but also about agility and coordination, offering a competitive edge that gets everyone involved and cheering.

The Basics of Flip Cup

Setup: Flip Cup is played with plastic cups filled with a set amount of beer or another beverage. Two teams line up on opposite sides of a long table, with each player standing in front of their cup.

Objective: The goal of Flip Cup is simple yet challenging: players must drink their beverage and then flip their cup from the edge of the table to land upside down. The game is played in a relay style, with each player waiting for their turn.

How to Play: The game starts with the first players on each team chugging their drink. Once a player finishes their beverage, they place their cup on the edge of the table. Using their fingers, they must flip the cup so it lands upside down. Only after the first player successfully flips their cup can the next player in line proceed. The first team to finish flipping all their cups wins.

The Appeal of Flip Cup

Flip Cup’s popularity stems from its simplicity and the exhilarating pace of the game. It requires minimal setup and can be played almost anywhere, making it an ideal game for various occasions. The relay race format fosters a sense of team spirit and camaraderie, as players cheer on their teammates and celebrate together with every successful flip.

Variations and House Rules

Like many drinking games, Flip Cup is often subject to variations and house rules. Some common twists include:

  • Survivor Flip Cup: Players who fail to flip their cup in a given number of tries are eliminated, and the game continues until one player remains.
  • Mega Flip Cup: Large teams and multiple tables are combined for a more extensive and chaotic game.
  • Trick Shot Flip Cup: Players must perform a specific trick before flipping their cup, such as spinning or using their non-dominant hand.
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Playing Responsibly

While Flip Cup is undoubtedly a fun and competitive game, it’s essential to play responsibly. Participants should know their limits and ensure that everyone is comfortable with the pace of the game. Offering non-alcoholic options allows everyone to join in on the fun without pressure.


Flip Cup is more than just a drinking game; it’s a catalyst for laughter, bonding, and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re looking for a game to liven up a party or simply enjoy some friendly competition, Flip Cup delivers an engaging experience that participants won’t soon forget.

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