Water Balloon Dodgeball With Drinks

Get ready to amp up your summer shenanigans with the ultimate combination of fun and refreshment! Introducing “Water Balloon Dodgeball With Drinks” – the game that will have you drenched in laughter and thirst-quenching delight. This outdoor drinking game takes the classic dodgeball concept and adds a splash of excitement with water balloons filled with your favorite beverages. Gather your friends, grab your drinks, and get ready for an epic battle that will leave you soaked, satisfied, and smiling from ear to ear.


What is Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks?

Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks is a fun and exciting outdoor drinking game that combines the thrill of dodgeball with the refreshing splash of water balloons. It is a game that brings friends and family together for a day of laughter, competition, and camaraderie. Players form teams, fill water balloons, and throw them at each other while trying to avoid getting hit. The added twist of incorporating drinks into the game adds to the enjoyment and creates a unique social experience.

Why is it a popular outdoor drinking game?

Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks has gained popularity as an outdoor drinking game due to its dynamic and interactive nature. It provides a way to cool off on a hot day while enjoying a few drinks with friends. The combination of physical activity, strategy, and socializing makes it an appealing choice for outdoor gatherings, picnics, and parties. With its easy-to-understand rules and versatile gameplay, it appeals to people of all ages and skill levels, making it a hit among both casual players and more competitive groups.



To play Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks, you will need a few basic items. First, you will need water balloons, which can be easily purchased at most convenience stores or online. Depending on the number of players, it is recommended to have at least 20 water balloons per person. Additionally, you will need a large open area to serve as the playing field, such as a backyard or a park. Lastly, be sure to have enough drinks on hand to keep everyone hydrated and in high spirits.

Creating teams

Once you have gathered all the necessary supplies, it’s time to create teams. Divide the players evenly into teams of two or more, depending on the size of the group. This allows for a more balanced and competitive game. You can assign teams randomly or let players choose their own teammates. The goal is to have a fun and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Setting up the playing area

Before diving into the game, it’s important to set up the playing area properly. Designate boundaries for the playing field to ensure that everyone stays within a defined area. It can be helpful to mark the boundaries with cones, flags, or any other visible markers. Consider the terrain as well – a flat grassy surface is ideal for this game, as it reduces the risk of injuries and allows for easy movement. Remove any potential hazards or obstacles that could cause accidents or limit players’ ability to throw or dodge water balloons.


Filling the water balloons

To start the game, each team must fill their water balloons. This can be done by using a hose or filling them in buckets of water. It’s important to ensure that the water balloons are properly filled but not overly full, as this can make them harder to throw accurately. Encourage players to take turns filling the balloons to maintain fairness and give everyone a chance to participate in the preparation process.

Rules of the game

Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks follows a set of basic rules that ensure a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience. The objective of the game is to eliminate players from the opposing team by hitting them with water balloons while avoiding getting hit yourself. When a player is hit by a water balloon, they are out for the remainder of the round. The game continues until one team has eliminated all the players from the opposing team. It’s important to remind players to play responsibly and not throw water balloons at faces or aim for sensitive areas.

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Throwing and dodging

In Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks, players must utilize their throwing and dodging skills to succeed. When throwing a water balloon, aim for the body or lower extremities of an opponent, as hitting someone in the face or head can cause injury. Players can dodge incoming water balloons by moving quickly and unpredictably, making it harder for opponents to hit them. Encourage players to stay on their toes and be agile, as nimble movements increase the chances of successfully evading incoming water balloons.

Drinking rules

The addition of drinks to the game adds an extra layer of enjoyment and social interaction. Players can take a drink after successfully hitting an opponent with a water balloon or after dodging a thrown balloon. This keeps everyone engaged and allows for moments of celebration and friendly banter. However, it’s important to emphasize responsible drinking and moderation. Remind players to hydrate properly and drink in moderation to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants.


Inflatable balls instead of water balloons

For those who prefer a less messy version of the game, inflatable balls can be used instead of water balloons. This variation allows players to enjoy the excitement of dodgeball without the need for water balloons. Inflatable balls provide a gentler impact and reduce the risk of injuries. Additionally, it eliminates the need for constant balloon refilling and cleanup, making it a convenient alternative for those who prefer a neater playing experience.

Team vs Team

While Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks is typically played in teams, variations can include team versus team matches. In this format, two teams face off against each other, aiming to eliminate all players from the opposing team. This creates a more competitive atmosphere and encourages teamwork and coordination among team members. Team versus team matches can be especially thrilling and intense, as players strategize, communicate, and work together to achieve victory.


To add an element of suspense and tension, you can incorporate elimination rules into the game. Instead of being out for the remainder of the round when hit by a water balloon, players who are eliminated have the chance to be brought back into the game. One way to implement this is by designating a “safe zone” where eliminated players can take cover. By retrieving a designated item or hitting a target from the safe zone, eliminated players can rejoin the game, adding an exciting twist and keeping everyone engaged until the very end.

Target-based gameplay

In this variation, a target is set up in the playing field, and players must aim for the target instead of directly hitting opponents. This adds a strategic element to the game, as players need to consider the trajectory and accuracy of their throws. The team that successfully hits the target the most times within a given timeframe or accumulates the highest score wins the game. Target-based gameplay encourages players to fine-tune their throwing skills and adds an element of competition beyond simply hitting opponents.


Choosing appropriate drinks

When playing Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks, it’s important to choose the right beverages to enhance the experience. Opt for refreshing and hydrating drinks such as water, sports drinks, or non-alcoholic cocktails. These choices help prevent dehydration, especially during hot weather. If alcoholic beverages are preferred, select lighter options such as chilled beers, wine spritzers, or fruity cocktails. Whatever drinks are chosen, ensure they are enjoyed responsibly and in moderation to prioritize everyone’s safety.

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Preventing dehydration

As the game involves physical activity and exposure to the sun, it’s crucial to prevent dehydration. Encourage players to drink water or hydrating beverages regularly throughout the game to replenish fluids lost through sweat. Provide easy access to water or designated hydration stations where players can refill their bottles or cups. Remind players to take short breaks if needed and listen to their bodies to avoid overexertion. Staying hydrated ensures that everyone can fully enjoy the game and stay healthy.

Moderation and responsible drinking

While the addition of drinks adds to the fun of Water Balloon Dodgeball, it’s essential to emphasize responsible drinking and moderation. Encourage players to pace themselves and be mindful of their alcohol consumption. Remind everyone to drink in moderation and be aware of their limits. It’s important to prioritize the safety and well-being of all participants, so keep an eye out for anyone who may be showing signs of intoxication and offer assistance if needed. Drinking responsibly ensures that everyone can have a fantastic time while staying safe and healthy.

Safety Precautions

Protective eyewear

To prevent eye injuries, it is recommended that all players wear protective eyewear, such as safety glasses or goggles, during the game. Water balloons or inflatable balls can burst upon impact, and the force can cause eye injuries if proper protection is not worn. Encourage all players to prioritize their safety by wearing these protective accessories. It only takes a moment for an accident to happen, and wearing eyewear significantly reduces the risk of eye-related injuries.

Playing on a soft surface

The playing area should ideally be a soft surface, such as grass or sand, to minimize the risk of injuries. Playing on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt can lead to bruises, scrapes, or more serious injuries if someone falls during the game. It is important to assess the playing area before starting the game and clear any potential hazards, such as rocks or sharp objects, from the ground. Prioritizing player safety by providing a suitable playing surface ensures a fun and accident-free experience for everyone involved.

Avoiding dangerous throws

In Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks, it’s essential to avoid dangerous throws that can cause injuries. Encourage players to aim for the body or lower extremities of opponents when throwing water balloons or inflatable balls. Discourage throwing objects at high speeds or from close distances, as this increases the risk of injuries. Remind players to prioritize fun and safety over winning and to play responsibly, keeping the game enjoyable for all participants.

Watching out for slip hazards

Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks involves water, which can create slippery conditions. Watch out for potential slip hazards, such as wet grass or puddles of water, and warn players to be cautious. Encourage players to wear appropriate footwear with good traction to prevent slips or falls. If the playing area becomes too slippery, take a break to allow time for the surface to dry or find an alternative playing location. By being mindful of slip hazards, you can help minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

Game Strategy

Forming defensive and offensive strategies

To increase the chances of winning, teams can develop defensive and offensive strategies. Defensive strategies include assigning players to protect key areas or focusing on evasive movements to make it more difficult for opponents to hit them. Offensive strategies involve coordinating attacks, using distraction techniques, or targeting weaker opponents first. By strategizing and working together as a team, players can enhance their gameplay and increase their odds of success.

Communication and coordination within teams

Clear communication and coordination within teams can greatly impact gameplay. Encourage players to communicate with each other, whether it’s by calling out opponents’ positions or planning coordinated attacks. Coordinated movements, such as synchronized throws or strategic positioning, can catch opponents off guard and give teams an advantage. Developing effective communication and coordination skills fosters teamwork and enhances the overall gameplay experience.

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Recommended Equipment

Water balloons

Water balloons are the primary equipment needed for Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks. Ensure that you have enough water balloons for each player to maximize participation and enjoyment. Look for durable and easy-to-fill water balloons that are designed to burst upon impact, adding an extra element of excitement to the game.

Uniforms or colored bandanas

To distinguish between teams and add a fun aesthetic element to the game, consider providing each team with uniforms or colored bandanas. This helps players identify their teammates and opponents more easily, reducing confusion during gameplay. Uniforms or colored bandanas also add to the overall atmosphere and make the game more visually appealing.

Inflatable balls (optional)

As mentioned earlier, inflatable balls can be used as an alternative to water balloons. They offer a less messy gameplay experience and reduce the cleanup required after each round. Inflatable balls, such as dodgeballs or beach balls, are readily available in sports stores or online and can be easily incorporated into the game.

Coolers for drinks

To keep the beverages chilled and easily accessible during the game, provide coolers filled with ice. This ensures that players can enjoy refreshing drinks throughout the game without having to venture far from the playing area. Portable coolers with lids help prevent spillage and maintain the desired temperature of the drinks.

Benefits of Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks

Staying active and socializing

Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks is a fantastic way to stay active and socialize with friends and family. The game encourages physical movement, agility, and coordination, providing an enjoyable form of exercise. It also promotes social interaction as players engage in friendly competition, celebrate successes, and bond over shared experiences.

Enhancing hand-eye coordination

Throwing and dodging water balloons or inflatable balls requires precise hand-eye coordination. By playing Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks regularly, players can improve their hand-eye coordination skills, which can be beneficial in various other activities and sports.

Encouraging teamwork and camaraderie

Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks is a team-based game that fosters teamwork and camaraderie. Players must work together, communicate effectively, and support each other to achieve victory. This collaborative aspect of the game strengthens relationships, builds trust, and enhances social bonds.

Breaking the ice and having fun

Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks is an excellent icebreaker activity, especially for group gatherings or parties where not everyone may know each other well. The game provides a lighthearted and fun environment that encourages laughter and positive interactions. It helps break down barriers, promote inclusivity, and create memorable experiences for all involved.


A thrilling and refreshing game for outdoor gatherings

Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks is a thrilling and refreshing game that brings friends and family together for an exciting outdoor experience. By combining the joy of water balloon fights with the fun of social drinking, it offers a unique and engaging form of entertainment. The game’s setup, gameplay, and variations provide ample opportunities for customization and adaptation to suit different preferences and skill levels.

Combined enjoyment of water balloon fights and drinks

Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks offers the perfect blend of physical activity, competition, and socializing. The game allows participants to relive the fond memories of childhood water balloon fights while enjoying the added twist of incorporating drinks into the game. Whether played casually or more competitively, Water Balloon Dodgeball with Drinks is sure to provide endless fun and laughter for everyone involved.